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About Classique

With passion for Art and Culture, our founder Gigi believes that Art in any form can give people emotions that can lift up our spirit. Art, being a important part in any culture, helps to shape our ideas and provide us with deeper understanding of our state of mind and self-awareness.

During her travel to India, she was not only impressed by the masterpiece of many historical World Heritage Architectural sites, being a scarf lover, she was also deeply fascinated by the creativity and craftmanship in the making of Pashmina scarf in Kashmir. Every piece is crafted exquisitely, skilfully embroidered. Every pashmina is an unique piece of Art and every piece tells a story. The authentic weaving of finest material from the Himalaya’s Changthangi goat makes every piece a timeless treasure that can pass down to generations.

On contrary to today's contemporary fast fashion which create too much wastage, Gigi feels an urge to share with you the classic and unique “Art to Wear” beauties, thus creating “Classique” to bring you these luxurious yet timeless pashminas.